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Krazy Koala Nic Performance

“I always make sure the puppets have a warm dry place to sleep at night as they are the
real brains behind the show.” – Nic Dacomb

The Krazy Koala Puppet show combines music and puppetry to produce a truly unique show for kids aged 2 to 8 year old. This show includes stories, live percussive Didgeridoo music, audience interaction, dancing and plenty of laughter. Over 10 charismatic puppets, a mix of both Australian animals and Muppet like characters who captivate the audience with their up beat songs, short stories & silly jokes.

The puppets create a fascinating inventive world that children can believe and relate to, encouraging creativity and stimulating their imagination.

Within each story/song there is a focus on life values such as: peace, happiness, unity, love and respect. The Puppet shows encourage children to reflect on the moral within the story and they are given the chance to ask questions directed at the puppets at the conclusion of the show.

Krazy Koala Puppet Shows help children learn important life concepts through laughter and interacting with the story. Children will be inspired to create their own puppet shows, enhancing their story telling skills and general creative thinking.

We cater for a wide range of events including:

  • Festivals
  • Primary Schools
  • Child care centres
  • Community events
  • Birthday parties

Puppet shows and workshops can be tailored to your needs, please contact for more details.


Master of the Puppets

Krazy Koala Nic and Puppets

Nicholas Dacomb is the founder of Krazy Koala Entertainment and performs his shows with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Nic has a special gift for working with children as he brings his own vibrant energy into his work/play.

“Kids are the way of the future. By teaching them the value of good morals and a certain playful approach to life from a young age, then no doubt, we can make the world a better place.”


Gunbalanya school really appreciated your visit and puppet play.
We especially enjoyed the creative way you included real messages about getting along with each other and working as a team. Values we all work towards at Gunbalanya.

Your artist talents are astounding.
Sue Trimble
Gunbalanya School

Nic combines colourful puppets, rhythmic music and engaging narrative to entertain and educate children.
His clever use of animals immediately appeals to his audience who are encouraged to actively participate in
the story. Through a combination of media Nic presents a show that introduces children to many of the animals
of the Australian bush and takes them on an exciting journey in search of an elusive water hole. This show
introduces your child to the excitement of live performance in a stimulating and fun way.

Jenny Maggs
Information Services Librarian
Hamilton Library

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